Infographic: Swing Tags and the Psychology of Selling.

Infographic: Swing Tags and the Psychology of Selling.

It takes more than just a pretty picture to capture the hearts of your customers. It turns out that the subconscious is in the driving seat for most of our shopping trips so rethink everything you once believed about the shopping process. Luckily, the subconscious and the conscious are not totally dissimilar but there are subtle differences.  

In this infographic there are various facts and figures that you can apply to your particular product or situation, use them wisely and you might just get a step ahead of the competition.

So how do you translate this into the real world? Well that’s the crucial question and the answer would largely depend on the product. During the formulation of these theories, a brain scanning device was used to map the stimulated areas when various images of products were seen by the test subject. This is obviously beyond the means of most companies but you can use the ideas and extrapolate them to your own aims.

The pursuit of status is a huge motivational goal for our subconscious mind and is the reason why celebrity endorsement is a common marketing tactic. Status by association is something that drives us to choose one product over another even if that product is inferior. We can’t all hire Charlize Theron as a brand ambassador but a bit of lateral thinking can go a long way. The subject of Neuromarketing is worth researching as part of your efforts.

Swing Tag Infographic