Rectangle Swing Tags

Familiar can often be the best choice.

Rectangular swing tags are by far the most popular choice with our customers as they have universal appeal and are the most practical. Available in five standard templates sizes but we can cut rectangular swing tags to any size, so please ask if you don't find what you're looking for.

Professionally guillotined to your final size, leaving your tag with a crisp, neat edge. A choice of drill hole sizes awaits you, ready for your chosen fastening attachment to your product. The rectangle shape has a multitude of uses, popular for clothing tags and price tags.

Rectangle Swing Tag Gallery

Now Time To Build Your Perfect Swing Tag

1 pick your tag material
Pick your Material

Start by choosing your desired material. We have many options available to suit your individual needs. Take time to browse through our impressive tag range to find the perfect choice for you.

2 pick your tag shape
Pick your Shape

Next up is to choose your tag shape. You may require a Circular, Square, Rectangular or Oval shape to compliment your swing tag design. Alternatively, you may need a Custom shape? If so, we can do this too!

3 pick your tag size
Pick your Size

Once you know the material and shape of your tag, you're ready to choose the size. We offer a big range of commonly used template sizes; so we're confident you will find one that fits your needs perfectly.

4 design or upload your tag or
Use our design tool or upload Artwork

Now the fun part of the process, it's time to get creative with your swing tag design. Create beautiful artwork with our free online design tool with preset tag templates, alternatively upload your artwork directly.

Select Your Material And Start To Build Your Perfect Swing Tag