Step 1 - Choose Your Swing Tag Material

Swings tags are not all created equal, they are available in numerous sizes shapes, sizes and materials that will increase the scope of choices that are offered. We supply our tags in a choice of 12 different materials many of which have various colours and/or grades making a total of around 30 solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the material options that you will have when you are buying swing tags. Further information on each material can be found in the sections below or if you need a closer look please order a free sample pack.

Swing tags are mainly used to display prices of different products but this is not the only function that they can serve. Swing tags can be used for numerous other purposes, which could involve the decoration of customised bottles, for sending thank you notes or as coupons to help increase further sales of the product or cross-selling in the range. Swing tags can be used as a tool for promotions too as they’re the first thing a customer will reach for after having a look at the actual product. Not to forget, it is a source of identity for your brand and to get into the subconscious of the potential customer.

So if you want to get designing, first choose a material below, select your options and then Design it Yourself!