What is a Swing Tag?

Sometimes the most familiar things escape our attention, but surely everyone's seen the small paper cards that are attached to most clothing ranges and other retail products?

They have several names around the world, here in the United Kingdom we tend to use the term swing tag but in the United States they prefer hang tags, and we’ve heard all sorts of permutations of tickets, cards and labels. Whatever you want to call it, we are talking about the piece of cardboard we are all used to seeing every day that is attached to so many retail products.

Below are some design ideas and information to include to help attract the eye of your customers...

design of a swing tag

What other information is on a swing tag?

This largely depends on the purpose. For example, if you are creating a custom garment tag or product tag, then you may need to include a UPC barcode, care instructions, size and price information. Maybe add a snippet of your background history, ethos and ethical values, these are always a nice additional touch to reach out to your customer's. Don't forget to display any accreditations or awards you've received; this will enhance your chances of your product or service being chosen over your competitors.

The history

The swing tag concept is not a new one. The idea was started by whoever was the first person to put a piece of string through a scrap of paper and attached it to something to label it. The identity of that person is now lost in the mists of time, and it’s such a simple idea that many people are likely to have thought of it anyway! Up until relatively recently, the idea remained largely the same, but some of the technology we now embrace allows us to be more innovative with colours and materials.

“New materials and technology make the scope for innovative uses for our products to sell yours. Plastics, foils and laminate coatings make for an endless supply of possibilities…”

The future

Gone are the days where all you saw were plain white tags with price labels stuck to them and handwritten prices. Nowadays, we can supply you with any shape and as many colours, textures and materials as your heart desires. We can also print anything you like on them; barcodes, QR codes, logos, photographs and textual information.

Accessorize it!

There are also many ways you can affix your tag. Of course, there’s the simple hole where you can use the familiar plastic (nylon) fastener needles that are used with tagging guns. We can supply black, silver or gold eyelets too and there are a comprehensive array of strings and twines available in the online shop that we can even attach for you.

Beyond the card

While standard cardboard remains a popular and established cost-effective choice, the options don’t stop there. New materials and custom tag shapes make the scope for innovative uses for our products to help sell yours. Tear-proof plastics, foils and laminate coatings make for an endless supply of possibilities to catch the eye of your customers or to answer a more challenging need.

So if you want to get designing, first choose a material below, select your options and then Design it Yourself!