Retail Tags

Dive into the world of bespoke retail tags with Handy Tags, the UK's premier hang tag manufacturer, where quality meets creativity to perfectly encapsulate your unique brand identity.

Establishing a recognisable brand extends far beyond the ambiance of your store; it's also echoed in the finer details like your retail tags.

Here at Handy Tags, we understand the importance of brand consistency, which is why we offer high-quality customisable retail tags that perfectly reflect your unique brand image.

High-quality retail tags are no longer elusive; we ensure your shop tags carry your brand's distinct flair without imposing hidden costs or stretching your budget.

Our retail tags don't just tell the price; they narrate your brand's story and influence customer perception. A well-crafted tag can evoke a desire in customers to pay a premium for your product, amplifying its perceived value.

Does your business need a highly customised or bulk order of retail hang tags or shop tags? Get in touch with a member of our team today.

Retail tags printing in UK


Tag Materials and Finishes

While we offer a diverse selection of materials for our retail tags, ranging from 80gsm-400gsm, our most commonly chosen options are our standard and recycled materials. Their classic appeal and robust nature makes them all-time favourites among our customers. Our neon material, while not as popular, is a unique alternative that brings a vibrant pop of colour to your retail tags.

You can choose from 12 unique materials in multiple shapes, ranging from standard swing tags, neon, laminated and lustre options, allowing your retail tags to stand out.

For further customisation, consider our string, eyelets, and cornering options. These little details can make a massive difference, adding a professional finish to your tags.

At Handy Tags, we set the bar high when it comes to quality. If we fail to meet our high-quality standards, we stand by our promise to reprint or refund your order.

Dynamic Uses of Retail Tag

Retail tags serve a dual purpose. They not only present clear, valuable information to your customers but also represent your brand. Versatile uses for our custom retail tags include:

  • Brand Loyalty: High-quality tags with your logo to drive customer loyalty.

  • Feedback Cards: Use tags to collect valuable customer feedback.

  • General Purpose Tags: Non-specific tags that can be used to put items on sale later.

  • Sustainability Information: Highlight your commitment to sustainability.


Retail Tag Gallery


Now Time To Build Your Perfect Swing Tag

1 pick your tag material
Pick your Material

Start by choosing your desired material. We have many options available to suit your individual needs. Take time to browse through our impressive tag range to find the perfect choice for you.

2 pick your tag shape
Pick your Shape

Next up is to choose your tag shape. You may require a Circular, Square, Rectangular or Oval shape to compliment your swing tag design. Alternatively, you may need a Custom shape? If so, we can do this too!

3 pick your tag size
Pick your Size

Once you know the material and shape of your tag, you're ready to choose the size. We offer a big range of commonly used template sizes; so we're confident you will find one that fits your needs perfectly.

4 design or upload your tag or
Use our design tool or upload Artwork

Now the fun part of the process, it's time to get creative with your swing tag design. Create beautiful artwork with our free online design tool with preset tag templates, alternatively upload your artwork directly.

Select Your Material And Start To Build Your Perfect Swing Tag