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Car mirror hangers are quickly becoming one of the most popular communication methods for the automobile and hospitality industries. They bridge the gap between the business and the customer, creating an easy way to share instructions or spread a message.

If you're looking for a simple solution to add car park permits to vehicles or add the price to your automobiles in your dealership, personalised car hangers are cost-effective and eco-friendly.

With our wide range of materials and sizes, Handy Tags can help you easily create your branded car window hangers. Look no further for parking permits for festivals or staff car parks; with our quick lead time and Handy Promise guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Choose Handy Tags for your personalised car mirror hangers; we guarantee premium quality for a not-so-premium price.

Car mirror hanger made by Handy Tags UK



The Versatility of Car Rearview Hangers

Whether you're after promotional car window hangers or you need to provide information to your customers, we can help. These hangers are designed to sit in the most visible area of a car, seen from both the inside and the outside. Alongside their functional use, they make a great marketing tool.

If you want to showcase which cars in your dealership are sold or awaiting preparation, consider car hangers. They can be easily attached to the rearview mirror, causing no damage to the car when removed. 

Make showing car park permits or parking passes super simple with rearview mirror hangers. They can be easily attached and removed daily and do not leave any damage to your windscreen or car interior. We offer a variety of sizes and car mirror hanger templates, so you'll be sure to find one that fits all types of vehicles! Shopping car hangers with Handy Tags is a fully customisable and bespoke service, so you get the exact product you are looking for.

We can offer sequential numbering and incorporate variable data into your order. If you're interested in these specialised services, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email or contact form. 

Don't compromise - our car hangers allow you to spread your branding and your message in equal measure.

Car Mirror Hanger Materials

A popular choice of material for car mirror hangers is our neon board. This material stands out from the crowd, perfect for getting the attention of your prospective customers and sharing an important message. This material is available in yellow, pink, orange and green.

You could utilise multiple colours to push different information; for example, a car dealership could use yellow for 'awaiting preparation' hangers, green for 'great price' hangers and pink for 'sold' car price hangers.

We also offer a range of extra durable tag options, including our waterproof and laminated board. Our laminated board is our standard silk card sandwiched between two layers of over-laminate. This gives your car and door hangers added durability and will extend their lifetime. Our waterproof material is made from an off-white polyester film, so it will not tear or look dog-eared over time, making it great for more strenuous uses.

Within our material selection, we have a wide variety of eco-friendly choices. Choose from our brown kraft, standard silk, recycled or grey pulpboard materials for environmentally friendly mirror hangers.

Check out our broad range of options, or order a free sample pack to test if you need more clarification!


Affordability and Quality of Car Mirror hangers

Our products are among the most cost-effective online, and this does not compromise our quality of print or materials. Our main goal is to offer our customers a simple ordering process, affordable prices and premium quality.

Using our state-of-the-art machines, CMYK printing process and high-quality materials, you can rely on us to produce your perfect car mirror hangers.

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Step 2 - Choose Your MATERIAL to Start the Order Journey Below

Standard Silk Card

The most popular choice, combines luxury and function at an affordable price. At 350gsm, it’s thick enough to exude quality and strong enough to cope with most applications.

Door hangers for hotels and guesthouses or hangers for rear view mirrors or any other application will look great printed on this card with a silk coated finish.

If you have no special requirements this is the material to go with as it ticks most boxes at the best price.

Brown Kraft

Brown Kraft Board

Hangers for hotels in historic buildings or for vintage cars or antique furniture will benefit from the old world feel of this material.

100% virgin kraft fibre and 457 microns thick so strong enough for most applications but malleable enough for the job.

Use if you want to play to the image of your brand, traditional values, wholesome and down to earth.



For the environmentally conscious brand, we have our 100% recycled option, which can only enhance the company's image amongst consumers.

Its uncoated finish and understated appearance make it ideal as an eco-friendly car hangers.

Grey Pulpboard

Grey Pulpboard

Recycled and unbleached - the pinnacle of any environmentally responsible usage.

At 500 microns or half a millimetre it’s our thickest board and has a roughened matt uncoated finish.

Due to the natural fibre, this material can show slight variances from one hanger to another adding to the charm of your door hangers.



An addition to our standard 350gsm silk card, this is a printed option of gold, silver or copper coloured foil on to a white background.

Having a coloured background is an option but you will need to contact our customer service team for a bespoke quote.

Use them at a party or corporate event for that extra special something.



Does everything a standard door hanger will do but with the added protection of the covering laminated layer.

Door hangers are used many times and often look worn when unprotected card is used so to be on the safe side you might like to try the more resilient solution of laminate.

At 350gsm it’s a hanger that can also be used over again due to its superior protective coating giving durability.

Colour Board

Coloured Board

If you need a specific colour we’ve got you covered choose from Black, Ivory, Manilla, Grey, Tangerine, Cherry, Dark Green and Navy Blue.

Available in 300gsm which is slightly thinner than the standard silk board but still sturdy enough for most duties.

Take care to ensure the ink colours that you choose for the printed part of the hotel door hanger works with your board colour.



In need of a material for repeated use? Check this out; it's as tough as old boots and will retain its appearance even after extensive use.

If you need to reuse your car hangers, this material will survive as long as you need it.

Available in extreme wearing 150 gsm and the almost indestructible 360 gsm and, like all our tags, can be colour printed in any design.



Available in both gold and silver finishes, these coated boards exude class and decadence. With the metallic coating on both sides, they are available in 360gsm.

Great for classy hotels especially during special occasions when guests might want a bit of glitz like weddings or over Christmas.

If you’re planning a wedding reception, why not put a message to your guests when they go to their rooms from the happy couple?



If you absolutely, positively need them to remember you, this is your only choice, burn your message into their eyes with our neon door hangers.

Normally a bit garish for hotels or guesthouses but sometimes going against the grain works better than conformity.

Available in sturdy 260 gsm card in four different colours; yellow, pink, green and orange there are plenty of choices.



Very chic and understated, they can be printed in CMYK colour or simple white for a delightfully elegant finish.

Ideal for weddings, company anniversaries, festive product lines or any other special occasion. Caterers and party professionals can spread the word about their services this way.

The reinforced paper is water impermeable and tough enough to resist spillages and tears. Available in paper-like 80 gsm and card-like 260 gsm.



A pearlescent effect with either a cool gold or ice cold silver with a frosted appearance to wow your audience.

The light glitters off this sparkly surface making it ideal to portray an ethereal atmosphere of mystery.

The 300gsm metallic coated board comes in two distinct hues known as Ice Silver and White Gold.

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