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Bottle neck tags, in particular wine bottle neck tags, are an increasingly popular method of branding and advertising. They are a great way to make your products stand out from all the rows of other bottles on the shelf and draw customers to your product.

Our bottle neck hang tags enable you to display branding information, promotional offers, competitions, discount codes or even recipes and tasting notes for that added touch.

Their importance in marketing is undeniable. Whether your personalising wine bottles, beer bottles or water bottles, they are a cost-effective and straightforward solution. Simply slide your tag onto the neck of your bottle, and you have a new branding method.

branded bottle hanger on wine bottle

Looking to Improve Product Branding?

If you're a business looking to improve your product branding, consider using bottle neck hang tags to promote offers and new product launches. These tags integrate seamlessly into your current labelling solution, and make it easy to display limited-time information such as seasonal promotions or special edition releases.

In addition, you can also mirror your brand's unique aesthetic and authenticity - opt for the rustic charm of our brown kraft material, perfect for artisan products and to mirror your business’s authenticity. Alternatively, make a bold statement with our metallic board, ideal for highlighting limited-time offers or premium product ranges that demand attention among your other offerings.

Diverse Bottle Neck Hanger Styles

Our custom bottle neck tags are ideal for bottles of all purposes, like wine bottles, artisan gins, premium ciders, classic cask beers, craft ales, even culinary oils and sauces. It's incredibly important that your bottles stand out on the shelves, as the craft beer and wine markets are very saturated.

If you're aiming for a traditional look, opt for a classic neck hanger, or choose a bottle collar instead, option that delivers a subtly different aesthetic, adding a touch of sophistication. You can also select longline wine bottle neck tags that cover almost the whole bottle or shorter tags for smaller designs. With a wide array of bottle neck hanger styles, we cater to every branding need.

Our bottle neck hangers and collars are folded to enable you to slip them over the neck of a bottle to produce a range of designs and effects.

Bottle neck Tags

Small businesses can reap the benefits of our small minimum order quantity of 25 tags, whilst larger companies are also accommodated. Wholesale bottle neck tags can be arranged. If you need a large quantity, please get in touch, and we can advise the best way to place your order.

Choose your bottle neck style below and download one of the templates, then add your design to get started on your own custom bottle neck hang tags.

Step 1 - Choose Your Bottle neck Hanger STYLE
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We produce bottleneck tags and bottleneck collars in a wide choice of materials and effects. 

Choose from recycled options, classic brown kraft for a natural look, striking metallic for a touch of elegance, or go for a sleek laminated finish. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to craft the perfect bottle neck tags that reflect your brand's identity.

Step 2 - Choose Your Bottle neck Hanger MATERIAL to Start the Order Journey Below


The most popular choice, combines luxury and function at an affordable price. At 350gsm, it's thick enough to exude quality and strong enough to cope with most applications.

Bottle neck tags made with silk card will make the contents look like a fine wine or premium beverage and is just as good as a collar.

If you have no special requirements, this is the material to go with, as it ticks most boxes at the best price.

Brown Kraft


Add a rustic feel to your bottles. This effect would go particularly well with a full-bodied red like an Amarone or Rioja or a darker beer like Stout or IPA.

100% virgin kraft fibre and 457 microns thick, so strong enough for most applications but malleable enough for the job.

This is a super choice if you're looking to be more eco-conscious; the appearance of this material mirrors your brand's eco-values.



For the environmentally conscious brand, we have our 100% recycled option, which can only enhance the company's image amongst consumers.

Its uncoated finish and understated appearance make it ideal for a more refined bottle of something. Possibly one for a clean, distilled spirit like vodka or gin.

Grey Pulpboard

Grey pulpboard

Recycled and unbleached - the pinnacle of environmentally responsible bottle neck tagging for any type of beverage or other liquid.

Due to the natural fibre, this material can show slight variances from tag to tag, adding to the charm of your bottle neck hangers.



An addition to our standard 350 gsm silk card, this is a printed option of gold or silver coloured foil onto a white background.

Having a coloured background is an option, but you will need to contact our customer service team for a bespoke quote.

Use them to promote a premium product line or at a party or corporate event for that extra special something.



Does everything a standard bottle neck tag will do but with the added protection of the covering laminated layer.

Some spirits or cooking oils may attack the surface of standard, unprotected card so to be on the safe side, you might like to try the more resilient solution of laminate.

This material is a 400gsm board. It's a necker that can be used over and over again due to its superior protective coating giving durability.

Colour Board


If you need a specific colour, we've got you covered. Choose from Black, Ivory, Manilla, Grey, Tangerine, Cherry, Dark Green and Navy Blue.

Available in 300 gsm, which is slightly thinner than the standard silk board but still sturdy enough for most duties.

Take care to ensure the ink colours that you choose for the printed part of the bottle neck hanger works with your board colour.



Need something to use over and over again? Then take a look at this material; it's tough as nails and will appear the same as when it arrived after many uses.

With some bottles you can take the neck tag off and reuse it, in which case you don't want it looking worn after a few times. This will survive as long as you need it.

Available in extreme waring 150 gsm and the almost indestructible 360 gsm and, like all our tags, can be colour printed in any design.



Available in both gold and silver finishes, these coated boards exude class and decadence. With the metallic coating on both sides, they are available in 360 gsm.

Great for white wines, Champagne, Prosecco and other sparklies, maybe even the odd cider or perry.



If you absolutely, positively need them to remember you, this is your only choice, burn your message into their eyes with neon tags.

Normally a bit garish for premium product lines, but sometimes going against the grain works better than conformity.

Available in sturdy 260 gsm card in four different colours; yellow, pink, green and orange there are plenty of choices.



Very chic and understated, they can be printed in CMYK colour or simple white for a delightfully elegant finish to any bottle.

Ideal for weddings, company anniversaries, festive product lines or any other special occasion. Caterers and party professionals can spread the word about their services this way.

The reinforced paper is water impermeable and tough enough to resist spillages and tears. Available in paper-like 80 gsm and card-like 260 gsm.



A pearlescent effect with either a cool gold or ice-cold silver with a frosted appearance to wow your audience.

The light glitters off this sparkly surface, making it ideal for luxury products, or to market exclusive discounts.

The 300 gsm metallic coated board comes in two distinct hues known as Ice Silver and White Gold.

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