Retail Tags

Custom Retail Tags

Every retail brand should be instantly recognisable, from the atmosphere in store all the way down to their retail tags, consistency drives brand loyalty. High-quality customisable retail tags and or shop tags are hard, but not impossible to come by.

A retail tag can mean the difference between a customer wanting to pay a premium price point or not, the devil is in the detail. Display the feel of your brand without breaking the bank or being hit with any sneaky hidden costs.

Retail Tag Materials and Finishes

Our beautiful budget-friendly premium, custom retail tags come in 300gsm-400gsm in a range of 12 shapes including standard, neon, laminated and lustre. Your retail tags can be customised even further with 3 different options, String, Eyelets and Cornering.

Handy tags are a specialist manufacturer of retail tags, we even promise to reprint or refund an order if we haven’t met our high-quality standards of our handy promise.

Retail Tag Uses

Tags are used to present clear information to your customers, not only do they do that but they also help to represent your brand. Some uses for retail tags are:

  • If you order non-specific tags you’ll be able to put items in a sale at a later date

  • Driving brand loyalty

  • Customer feedback cards

  • Adding additional information to products such as sustainability information

If you’re a new business starting up it may be worth looking at our blog post, the psychology of selling before you start an order. It contains highly researched information and stats that could inform your retail tag decisions.

Does your business need a highly customised or bulk order of retail or shop tags? Get in touch with a member of our team today.

Retail Tag Gallery

Now Time To Build Your Perfect Swing Tag

Pick your Material

Start by choosing your desired material. We have many options available to suit your individual needs. Take time to browse through our impressive tag range to find the perfect choice for you.

Pick your Shape

Next up is to choose your tag shape. You may require a Circular, Square, Rectangular or Oval shape to compliment your swing tag design. Alternatively, you may need a Custom shape? If so, we can do this too!

Pick your Size

Once you know the material and shape of your tag, you're ready to choose the size. We offer a big range of commonly used template sizes; so we're confident you will find one that fits your needs perfectly.

Use our design tool or upload Artwork

Now the fun part of the process, it's time to get creative with your swing tag design. Create beautiful artwork with our free online design tool with preset tag templates, alternatively upload your artwork directly.

Select Your Material And Start To Build Your Perfect Swing Tag