Square Swing Tag Design Templates

Square Swing Tag Templates

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Get it right the first time with our downloadable templates, available in 3 different file formats for use with all the popular design packages like Adobe Illustrator or try our own free online design tool. 

Are you ready to start designing a masterpiece that would even make Picasso jealous? Simply choose your desired design application below then find your swing tag size. Download your preset template of choice and get creative!

Square tags are often found on smaller, premium items like perfume, jewellery or specialist foods. Whether you are producing your own bespoke scent or creating an inspired-by fragrance, a well-designed square swing tag on the outer packaging or on the bottle itself will create an air of quality. No piece of bling would be complete without a classy little square swing tag to enhance the look and inform a customer or recipient of various particulars like price, weight and ingredients.

Any decent jar of truffle oil, balsamic vinegar or an artisan cooking sauce or marinade without a swing tag? Unheard of! Don’t let your product get left behind on the shelf. If you can’t find the size you need? Please get in touch; we may be able to help.

Square Template Example

Template Downloads

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