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The term oval comes from “ovum” which is the Latin for “egg” as ovals are vaguely egg-shaped. Our oval templates are more regular than the traditional egg shape as they are symmetrical from top to bottom as well as side to side. In reality, the correct term for the shape of these templates is an ellipse but oval works just as well if you’d prefer.

The orientation of the printed design can be lateral or longitudinal which are akin to landscape and portrait when applied to rectangular items. If a drill hole or eyelet is required it will be at the apex at the end of a longer edge, so it will hang from that point. Make sure you consider the orientation of the finished article when you decide on your final design.

All our products can be printed on both sides, this can be used in several ways. Since a swing tag is flat and two dimensional, it can lay face up or face down. If you print the same thing on both sides, the tag will always show your message. If both sides are different, bear that in mind when designing the back as it will sometimes be on show. If you leave it blank, people will mostly turn it over to see what it says but it will lack visual impact.

Oval Template Example

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