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Circular Swing Tag Templates

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Round, or using the correct terminology circular, swing tags are available for download here in a range of diameters. From 40mm to 90mm rising in increments of 10 mm, these templates are also marked with the relevant artwork, printing and cutting zones for your convenience. 

Several areas, margins and zones should be taken into consideration when lining up the design of a swing tag. The bleed area is trimmed off to keep the edges neat and uniform, make sure your background colour meets the 3mm bleed margin around the design to avoid white edges. The safe zone should be kept clear of any borders or critical text to avoid the tag looking uneven once cut to its finished size. The trim line is where the edge of your tag will be cut, there can be a small amount of variance in the position of the cut. This variance is why we recommend the bleed area and the safe zone.

Round or circular swing tags are often found on gourmet foodstuff packaging to add an extra something. Most information for the consumer is already on the label so the tag can just be eyecatching or have a special offer on it. Try our foiled tags for extra impact.

Circular Template Example

Template Downloads

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