Using Our Design Tool

Creating a Simple Tag

Step : Setting Up Your Tag

The Design Tool will show your tag in the centre with a white background and your Layers tab to the right (which will be empty to begin with).

Click the Product tab (a) to get started. At the top of this section you will see two switch options (b) - these will allow you to enable / disable rulers & grid.

The background colour can be changed by clicking the dropdown (c).

Step image

Step : Adding Text To Your Tag

Once you have picked a background colour, you can start adding some text to your tag.

Click the Text (d) tab and start typing in the box. Then click “Add Text” to place this onto your design.

When you click the text on the design, a tab will show on the right with various customisation options. You can choose from a range of fonts (e) by clicking the dropdown.

The text colour and alignment options (f) can be changed, as well as being able to make the text bold / italic.

You can rotate, and change the line spacing of the text using the the slider bars (g).

Text can be moved by clicking the arrows (h) or by selecting and dragging it. Clicking and dragging the corner points on the text will allow you to resize.

Step image

Step : Adding Artwork to Your Tag

Choose from a wide variety of graphics to add to your tag. Click the Art tab (j) and browse the list of graphics. Click the dropdown (j) to view all categories.

You can also add simple shapes like lines, ovals and squares by selecting them in the top dropdown (k). If you’d rather draw your own design select the brush from this menu and draw on the tag by clicking and dragging your mouse.

Selecting and dragging the corners of the object will resize it, in the same way it does with the text.

Step image

Step : Editing Your Artwork

In some graphics you are able to edit the colours using the swatch dropdowns (l) at the top.

Other edit options are also available such as adding a border, rotating the object and changing the size.

Step image

Step : Adding An Image to Your Tag

Clicking the Media tab (m) will allow you to upload an image from your device, Instagram, Flickr etc. When uploading an image make sure you have the rights to use it and click the checkbox if so. Uploaded images will preview in the Image Gallery (n).

To upload an image simply click any of the upload options and browse.

The supported formats are JPEG, JPG 3 and PNG, and the recommended resolution is 1500 x 1500.

Step image

Step : You're Good to Go!

When you’re happy with your tag click the cart button (o). You will be able to review the details of your item and then proceed to checkout.

Step image

So if you want to get designing, first choose a material below, select your options and then Design it Yourself!