DIY Valentine’s Gift Tags

DIY Valentine’s Gift Tags

Not sure what to get your valentine or looking to make your Valentine’s day gift extra special? Nothing says romance like a thoughtful Valentine’s gift that goes the extra mile.

A thoughtful gift doesn’t have to be the most expensive one, it's the personal gifts or messages that can make your special someone feel special. 

Valentine’s day is also a great time to switch up your branding, offer exclusive promotions, products and appeal to your customers. So make the most of the romantic period! 

Add an extra touch to your gift-giving this year and create your very own Valentine’s gift tags and packaging. Perfect for individuals or businesses offering gift wrapping or wanting to switch their marketing up this February. 

To help you get started, we’ve collated our top tips for creating Valentine’s day tags and ideas for presents, sweet treats and more. 

Swap Your Rectangles For Hearts

Simple, yet effective, the heart shape is the most iconic shape around Valentine’s day. Replace your traditional rectangle retail or clothing tags and swap them with a heart. Encourage your customers to buy your products and write a special note and sign it off. Also great for Valentine’s day promotions and freebies, a heart-shaped tag is great for getting your brand to stand out. 

For gift tags, add in the name of that special someone to make it more personal. Create a heart-shaped swing tag with Handy Tags custom shaped option

Add Valentine’s Day Tags To Your Sweet Creations

Own a bakery, cafe or bake some tasty treats for your loved ones this Valentine's day? Baking Valentine’s gifts will bring love to their heart and their tummy! Whether you’ve created Valentine’s day sweet specials or you want to gift your homemade cookies or cakes, a personalised Valentine’s day tag will add that extra special touch. If your crush has a favourite sweet or chocolate, consider buying these and add your own wrapping or tags for a cost-effective but thoughtful gift.

Once you’ve baked (or bought) your edible gift, wrap your treat up in clear plastic wrapping or packets and attach a swing tag with your Valentine’s edition branding or special message. 

Message ideas for edible valentine’s day gift tags:

  • ‘You’re sweet’
  • ‘A little treat for someone sweet’ 
  • ‘Treats for my sweet’
  • ‘I donut know what I’d do without you’ 
  • ‘Thanks for always pudding up with me’

Once you’ve designed and printed your perfect swing tag, pop an eyelet onto your tag and choose a string made from twine for a strong and sturdy finish to your tag that looks professional and works great. 

Pair Your Wine with a High-Quality Bottle Neck Tag

Bottle Neck tags are an excellent way to brand your products or showcase promotions. Whether you want your products to stand out on the shelf or turn your bottles into special gifts, Bottle Neck tags are an easy and quick way to do so. 

Add your branding or promotional message to a red and white swing tag that's covered in hearts and roses and choose from a range of materials.

Bottle Neck tags are also great for restaurants that want to let their customers know about limited menus or products. Print Valentine’s bottleneck tags to sit on bottles on your table, a quick and easy way to spice up your menu. 

Available in a range of lengths and neck hole sizes, add a splash of love to your wine, beer and champagne bottles. 

Spice Your Door Hangers Up 

Door hangers are a great way to market businesses and messages for a range of sectors. Particularly popular in the hotel and hospital industry, door hangers are often used for do & do not disturb signs for hotels. 

Give your guests some extra privacy with a Valentine’s day do not disturb door hanger or gift your partner with their very own personalised door hanger, maybe as a free pass to escape the kids? 

Valentine’s day door hangers could also be used prior to Valentine’s day to inform guests of any special deals or events going on during Valentine’s day and encourage them to make a booking. 

Create Valentine’s Day Tags at Handy Tags

Ready to up your gift-giving or branding this Valentine’s day? Start at Handy Tags. With loads of materials, shapes and finishing options, you’ll find the perfect custom gift tag to suit you or your business.