The Importance of Swing Tags in a Modern World

The Importance of Swing Tags in a Modern World

Creating custom swing tags is the ideal solution when it comes to labelling. Brands need to get used to the fast-paced, consumer-driven modern world we live in, and change their marketing to fit. Potential customers may first see your brand when they pick up your product, and make an immediate decision whether to purchase from your branding on your packaging.

This is where hang tags come in. Whether you need decorative hang tags to brand your product, or clothing price tags to entice customers and display crucial product information, they now play an even more important role in the sales journey.

Their benefits are ten-fold on other packaging options. Of course, they can be double-sided which gives you the opportunity to communicate even more information. What's more, when it comes down to the overall design of your swing tag, the options are virtually infinite. You can create any shape, colour and style in order for the potential customer to really grasp what you're trying to portray and communicate.

Here at Handy Tags, we know a thing or two about swing tags. In this article, we will cover their importance in our day-to-day lives, what you can use them for and also how you can use our very detailed and extensive collection of materials, colours and styles to produce interesting swing tags that out-shine your competitors’.

Why Are Swing Tags Important To Us?

You may ask us, why swing tags? Firstly, let's cover just why these little hanging pieces of card are still very relevant in today's world. Swing tags have always been a feature when it comes to buying products, especially clothes. They started off as a practical way of showing the price and size of a garment.

However, as of late, they have now become a pivotal ingredient in the world of retail. Clothing swing tags are probably one of the most low-key and unassuming aspects of selling clothing items, however, the little tags of card carry so much hidden importance for the brand itself. No single clothing garment company can risk letting a product reach the shop floor without a swing ticket attached to it. Don’t risk loosing their marketing potential.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t sleep on swing tags in your marketing campaign:

  • They Help Communicate Brand Values and Attributes

Branded price tags can be used to communicate the attributes and values of a brand and is a key marketing tool in order to reinforce what the company is all about. So with that, it's a huge missed marketing opportunity for companies that don't use them correctly and productively - a constant lack of swing tags is pretty much a marketing blunder and a ton of free advertising down the drain as they are a much cheaper way of marketing your company than other types of promotion.

Swing tags come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, with a variety of different finishing options. By utilising our free design tool to add your own custom design, you are in the driver’s seat. The look they have is pretty much entirely down to you, so reflect on what values and identity you want to communicate. If you wish to show that your brand or product is luxurious, opting for a high-quality material swing tag, like a foiled tag, with an elegant interface is going to be your best bet.

  • They Influence the Buying Decision Of Consumers

ShoppingTags, especially for retail purposes, can help influence the buying decision of the consumer as they will communicate what your product is all about and be the initial introduction to your brand ethos. If you have a poorly designed swing tag, it can give a negative impression of your product. Your brand is represented by the product packaging and labels are no exception to this.

  • You Can Communicate Directly With Customers

Swing tags are the perfect opportunity for you to talk to your customers and convince them your product is worth buying. Through communicating directly to your consumers you will be able to share the unique selling points (USPs) of your product and brand, developing an emotional conection with your customer and increasing the likelihood of getting a sale.

You should use labels and tags as a full communication channel with customers, mentioning contact details, and in this day and age also your social media details too. This ensures that you are using your swing tags to their full potential and maximising on promotion.

Handy Tags can help you achieve custom swing tags that clearly help communicate your brand's values to your customer. By capitalising on our unique personalisation options, your product packaging can start to positively influence the buying decision of your customers.

How Can You Use Swing Tags to Your Advantage?

Whether your an artisan food manufacturer or a large-scale clothing company, branded hang tags are an excellent addition to your product packaging. Or, if you’re not a retailer, consider using them to promote your brand message.

Add a bottle neck tag to a bottled gift to sweeten up a big potential customer, or add door hangers to your B&B as a do not disturb sign or as an alternative to a breakfast menu.

Branded Tags1. Promotion of Your Brand
Swing tags are the perfect thing to attach to your products in order to promote your overall brand, whether that be your website, your other outlets, contact details or social media platforms. Whether you are in the retail industry, or send gifts to prospective customers, consider adding a bespoke swing tag with your branding and contact details to replace a business card.

2. Information For Potential Customers
Attaching swing tags to products gives any potential buyers a little more information such as the price, size, ingredients or use-by date. This is probably the most common way you will see swing tags being used and is a foolproof way of labelling items.

3. Cross-Selling
Using swing tags to help cross-sell your goods and products by creating ‘collections' of all your products helps make any other matching items become instantly identifiable to the consumer.

Sale Tag

Consider sticking to the same colourway on your tags for specific collections, so that customers can easily group them together and collect the whole product range.

4. Advertise a sale
Use them to attach to your branded carrier bags. This idea is perfect for your company if you are attending events or road shows where you want to promote you or your work. Using swing tags on plain bags helps reduce cost but still gives the same effect.


5. Paint Swatches
Use them to display a series of different colours or swatches, using numerous tags tied together can then fan out like a pack of cards.

6. Product Spec Sheets and Manuals
Spec sheets can get a bit abstract and tricky to understand when they aren't right next to the product they're actually describing. Tags are able to be directly placed on most tangible products, which makes it easy for customers to understand them a little better.

Swing tags are also a great place to highlight an item's specific selling points and give a more upscale look you won't be able to achieve by just using a boring piece of paper.

Thank You Tag7. Alternative Thank You Cards
Swing tags and bottle neck tags are delightful ways to express your gratitude to preferred customers and suppliers. Two main advantages they have over conventional thank-you cards are that they cost a lot less and are directly in the recipients' field of view.

It's an idea to attach them to a little gift and send them out on special occasions, like company anniversaries or special holidays.

8. Custom Labels for Bottles
Swing tags work great as a complementary label or as the only packaging for bottled products. Or, you can opt for our bottle neck tags, made specifically for bottled products.

They sit on the neck of your bottle, and are a great place to add information to your product that you don’t want directly on it or on the bottle’s label.

9. Seasonal Decorations
A decorative tag can be used to help dress up any item for a seasonal holiday. This is a great idea for any seasonal sales as they will add a bit of holiday spirit to your product and appear more handcrafted than a drab price ticket.

These work for any seasonal holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween or company anniversaries.

Christmas Tag10. Coupons
Coupons or vouchers are an effective way to help encourage repeat business. Everyone is out looking to save money where they can. So, having tags as coupons ensure that customers are able to see them and gives them more of an incentive to purchase.

You could design it in a way where the whole tag is just essentially a voucher or have the tear-off section which the customer can keep and use to get money off their next purchase, encouraging repeat sales.

Here at Handy Tags, we pride ourselves in just how much choice we give to our customers when it comes to designing and picking out their own swing tags. With our handy promise guarantee and speedy 72-hour turnaround time (from PDF proof approval), you really have nothing to lose!

Order your custom swing tags with Handy Tags today!