Swing Tags 101

Swing Tags 101

Swing tags, hang tags, price cards, cardboard labels or whatever you want to call them are a printed information media used predominantly in retail.

It’s easy to dismiss them as an afterthought but stick around and learn why Swing and Hang Tags are an often forgotten means to attract the attention of your potential customers.

Gone are the days when swing tags were just a price tag or a size label, now we have so many different materials and printing techniques that the opportunities to shine are endless.


Swing tags can come in all shapes and sizes.

Tags Are a Sign of Quality.

Align your retail tags with the image you want to portray. No significant player in the retail market would produce a garment or other product without exploiting every piece of marketing real estate available. A bespoke shape will catch the eye but an understated square with subtle colours implies quality, sophistication and value. We have also extended our range to include tags for bottles which are cut to go around the neck so you can add a touch of quality to your bottled products too.

Don’t Forget Who You Are.

If your brand is cheap and cheerful, go big and bold, shout for attention, the upper end of the market is not your bag so don’t spread yourself too thinly.

The material your tag is printed on is also important, a flimsy, thin, fluttery bit of paper won’t instil any confidence in the durability of your wares. A laminated swing tag can go through a lot of wear and tear and still look pristine, suggesting the product it’s attached to is equally robust.

Retain an Element of Consistency.

Studies have shown that customers are more responsive to familiarity. So if you keep uniformity across the range, your logo or another element will stick in the customers subconscious even if they don’t choose your product the first time, they may see something later in another shopping expedition.

Swing Tags ExplainedFinishing Options.

We are all familiar with tagging barbs which are the fine plastic threads with T shapes at either end that hold a tag to the product, commonly clothing in this case. A tagging gun will flatten the T shape momentarily to allow one end to pass through the eye of the tag and the fabric. This is a functional if uninspiring method.

Strings and twines are available in different colours and gauges to add an interesting touch, these can be tied with Snap and Lock devices or traditional knots. Eyelets in 3 finishes are also available to add credibility and strength.

Grasp the Opportunity.

Our cards come in any shape you want and in a range of 12 distinctive materials so nothing is holding you back. Don’t squander the opportunity to stand head and shoulders over the competition, carefully designed swing tags and labelling can swing the odds in your favour.