Using Tags for Special Occasions.

Using Tags for Special Occasions.

The great thing about parties is that almost everybody has them and going to one reminds the other guests that they should have one too. When the bride throws the bouquet over her shoulder at her wedding whoever catches it traditionally is the one to get married next. These are golden opportunities to get your company into the subconscious of all those potential brides and throwers of other types of party or special event.

Throw the Bouquet - and a Marketing Tag.
Use Swing Tags at Weddings and Other Special Events. 

There are so many opportunities to get your company name around at parties and weddings but very few businesses take advantage of this. You don’t need to do it to an extent that it spoils the day or night for the couple or individual concerned, we are not suggesting you make the Bride wear a sandwich board but a few subtle, innocuous hints here and there won’t hurt.


Weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, anywhere where there are traditions and present giving all have lots of places you could do a bit of brand awareness. Confetti is one idea, everyone likes to throw confetti at weddings but hardly anyone buys it anymore, they expect it to be given out on the day. That’s where you step in, no need to get your own branded confetti, you’ll have a swing tag ready made with “Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Smith from Acme Catering” written on it to fix to the confetti boxes and pass them around. Most will go the same way as the confetti but one or two will be filed away for future reference.

Wedding or Party Favours.

These have evolved over history but are basically small gifts from the host to the guest to thank them for attending the event. In the past sugar cubes were commonly used then sugared almonds, nowadays sweets, puzzles for the kids and small trinkets are often used but there’s one thing most of them have in common; they come in small bags or boxes and therefore there’s the opportunity to squeeze in a small swing tag.

Not Just for Commerce.

Wedding TagWhat’s a party without presents? Most celebratory gatherings involve gift exchange; birthdays and weddings are obvious examples but baby showers and prom nights have a certain amount of it too.

You don’t have to be selling anything to use personalised swing tags, they can be used to label presents or express gratitude too.

There are many materials you could choose for your card but metallic or foiled are obvious choices whether you’re giving, receiving or advertising as they add to the glitz and glamour of most types of parties or gatherings.

Make everything a touch more classy or at least shiny and spangly by getting these special finishes to your tag and make everyone’s day or night that tiny bit more fabulous.