Funny and Memorable Do Not Disturb Hotel Door Hangers.

Funny and Memorable Do Not Disturb Hotel Door Hangers.

There are precisely two ways to go about the issue of what text to put on a hotel door hanger, there’s a right way and a wrong way. The wrong way is to be boring, you see them in hotels all over the world. Generic. Functional. Boring. Some of them are not even branded, just bought from a warehouse. This way gets the basic task done but in today’s market, it pays to take every opportunity to indulge in a bit of marketing. 

The right way is to make them memorable event keepsakes, something your guests might want to take away with them. They might want to use them because they found it funny or desirable in some other way. What’s in it for you? Well, next time they need a hotel in the area, where are they going to look first? That’s right, the contact details on your door hanger. Even if this scenario doesn’t play out, at least it gets your name out there.

Some Door Hanger Text Ideas

Of course, you might have your ideas that are perfect for your geographical area or theme of your hotel but here are a few suggestions:

  • Please do not give me a reason to put on clothes.
  • If it’s before 2PM you literally must be joking about waking me up.
  • You do not want to see what is going on in here.
  • Do Not Disturb - Exhausted person sleeping.
  • Shhh.
  • I’m in here and you’re out there, let’s keep it like that a while longer.
  • Please do not disturb - We had a little bit too much fun at Bob and Sue’s wedding last night.
  • Too Hungover to move from the bed to the door.
  • Binge watching box sets in progress - do not enter unless bringing food.
Joking Door Hanger Shhh Door Hanger Binge Door Hanger
  • Do not disturb - Mr and Mrs Smith just got married.
  • Try next door - I’m busy.
  • No.
  • You keep on knockin’ but you can’t come in.
  • Don’t come in - there’s somebody naked in here.
  • Donut Disturb
  • I need some me time - do not disturb
  • Ate too much and I’m lying down with my belly hanging out - don’t come in and see my shame.
  • Please don’t come in. There are things we are doing that don’t include you.

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