Add a Personal Touch to Bottled Gifts with a Neck Tag.

Add a Personal Touch to Bottled Gifts with a Neck Tag.

Christmas and New Year Personalised Bottle Neck Tags

Now we’re approaching the festive season our thoughts turn to gifts and parties. If you’re going to give a bottle of something to your friends or relatives for Crimbo, taking a bottle or two to a party or giving a corporate gift; bottle neck tags are a great addition.

The giving of wines, spirits, beers or even homemade cooking sauces or jams is a popular choice at Christmas. Make it extra special with a personalised message to the recipients. There’s always the traditional handwritten gift tag but you’ve been there and done that. A bespoke printed bottle neck tag is way more classy and memorable. You could go for a simple season’s greetings from all your family or get more creative.

We’ve all seen personalised greeting cards that you can get by uploading a picture and a message to an online printer like Moonpig, now you can do the same with bottle neck tags. Find a festive picture of the family and design a tag with a message from you all.

If you’re giving the gift of time with something homemade or indeed homebrewed, some sort of instructions could be included on the back of the tags like cooking or serving tips or just some sort of explanation for the concoction that you’ve created.

Party Time

Whether you’re throwing your own or going to someone else’s, a party almost always has some sort of bottled refreshment. If you’re bringing a bottle, you could do something boring like putting it a glittery bottle gift bag or you could add a personal message to a neck tag. If you’re throwing your own, you could add amusing captions to various tipples, like “Reserved for [insert the name of your favourite hellraiser]”.

Corporate Gifts

This is where a custom bottle neck tag can really come into its own. It’s all very well giving a customer a gift at this time of year but how do you make it even more memorable? A little thank you card might not cut it but with a neck tag you can emblazon a bottle with any number of things including:

  • Your corporate logo
  • Website address
  • Physical address
  • Phone number
  • Thanks for a customers business
  • List of products

Corporate gifts are increasingly becoming the norm and are even expected in some industries so don’t miss your opportunity to get on the bandwagon and make an impact.

Christmas is a time for giving, as the saying goes, you can do it in the usual traditional manner or you can cause a stir, the rest is up to you.