Different Types and Uses of Door Hangers and Rearview Mirror Hangers

Different Types and Uses of Door Hangers and Rearview Mirror Hangers

Let’s start with the obvious type - Hotel, B&B and guest house door hangers. Do not disturb, please clean my room, room service menus, change the towels or if the place is really posh, turn down the bed. Incorporate contact details, offers and promotions.

Leaflet Drops

Another popular use for door hangers is as an alternative to leaflet drops. Who looks at junk mail or leaflets that get stuffed through the door nowadays? But you’re more likely to take notice of a card hanging from the doorknob. Takeaway menus, special offers, taxi firm contact details, local events, the list is endless. Make them useful and people will keep them and refer to them later. Incorporate a tear-off coupon or business card for added engagement.

Weddings and Parties

A slight variation of the hotel hangers is to personalise them for a wedding or other event. Reserved for guests of Mr and Mrs Smith’s wedding or some other message suitable for your event is a nice touch and a potential keepsake.

Rearview Mirrors

They can be functional or just fun, plain or eye-catching it all depends on the purpose but if there’s an opportunity to do some marketing, don’t miss it. There are many reasons to hang a piece of card off the rearview mirror of a car, simply for parking or something more exotic like entrance to a festival. Add consecutive numbers, barcodes and QR codes for increased personalisation or to track inventory.

Selling Your Car?

They are used in the automotive industry as a checklist for valeting, servicing, MOT or listing a car’s features when on the forecourt to be sold. You could also use it for private sales. Instead of scrawling on the windows or on a scrap of cardboard, show a bit of professionalism with a door hanger.

Return on Investment

You can expect a conversion rate between 1% and 5% - Sounds low but each hanger is inexpensive.

Low Cost

Each hanger can cost less than 10 pence each so a well-designed campaign could see each new customer costing £2 or less. Rule of Seven For maximum conversion, a customer may need some sort of contact with you 7 times over 18 months.




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