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  1. Swing Tags Explained

    Swing Tags 101

    Swing tags, hang tags, price cards, cardboard labels or whatever you want to call them are a printed information media used predominantly in retail.

    It’s easy to dismiss them as an afterthought but stick around and learn why they are an often forgotten means to attract the attention of your potential customers.

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  2. 21 Ideas

    21 Different Uses For Swing Tags.

    Imagination is a wonderful thing, it often marks the difference between success and failure. It was once said that there are no new ideas anymore, just a process of repurposing old ones, we’re not sure we’d go that far but we recognise the value in adapting established ways of doing things to give new results. Read on and we’ll explore a few and hopefully, it’ll inspire you to find your own ground.

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  3. Wedding Tags.

    Using Tags for Special Occasions.

    The great thing about parties is that almost everybody has them and going to one reminds the other guests that they should have one too. When the bride throws the bouquet over her shoulder at her wedding whoever catches it traditionally is the one to get married next. These are golden opportunities to get your company into the subconscious of all those potential brides and throwers of other types of party or special event.

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